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Poorly maintained or installed systems over time can develop Magnetite/iron oxide, more commonly known as sludge (the black residue in unhealthy systems).

This is dissolved and rusted metal of your central heating system. It forms when air bubbles and water react with ferrous components such as the radiators.

Common symptoms of a unhealthy heating system caused by sludge are:

  • Cold spots on radiators, commonly at the bottom.

  • Noisy pipework and or boiler such as kettling in the primary and secondary heat exchangers

  • Increased costs in heating the house and water due to the poor system water quality.

  • Dirty water (black, crude oil type residue) from the boiler during maintenance or bleeding the radiators.

A power flush is a chemical treatment, used for the cleansing of a central heating system. It will help to remove debris, rust and sludge from the pipework, boiler and radiators that might be compromising the performance of your system.

With a power flush, you’ll eliminate all the issues from the system, prevent blockages and maintaining boiler efficiency. This in turn reduces the cost to heat the house/water and improve the lifespan of the appliance.

Cost: from £450, 8 radiator system. £50 per radiator thereafter.

Time: 6/8 hours depending on system size and condition.

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